Naked in Death by J.D. Robb

Reviewed by Lisa

“Naked In Death” is the first book of the “In Death” series by Nora Roberts writing as J. D. Robb. In a futuristic New York City of 2056, Eve Dallas is a lieutenant with the NYC Police and Security Division working in Homicide.  In this version of the future, prostitution has been legalized and regulated, with prostitutes now called Licensed Companions, or “LC’s,” but the job still carries a stain of disreputability. Dallas is called in on the murder of an LC, Sharon DeBlass, the granddaughter of an extremely conservative senator, making it a very sensitive situation. As she investigates the crime she crosses paths with Roarke, an Irish billionaire with a shady past who is a potential suspect in the case. As she exposes ugly secrets in the DeBlass family, she tries to reconcile her growing attraction to Roarke, whom she considers little more than a criminal, with her fierce dedication to law and order. He becomes obsessed with her in turn, and the developing relationship between them is as much a focal point of the plot as the murder investigation. The conclusion of the book wraps everything up in a very satisfying manner, and lays the groundwork for the future “In Death” books. There are dozens of books in the series, as well as some novellas in collected works, and a few cross-over books between the Nora Roberts and J. D. Robb collections. They can be read alone, or out of order, but if you start with this book and follow in order, you can watch the characters and situations develop and create a very complete, believable future world filled with people you come to care about.  If you enjoy this book you have plenty to look forward to!

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