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Welcome to the Goff-Nelson Memorial Library Archives! Located onsite in the Simmons room, the archive consists of seven main collections that document the history of Tupper Lake and the immediate surrounding Adirondack Region. These collections include: historic newspapers, photographs, vertical files, the Moody family papers, institutional records, regional maps, and microfilm. All of the materials at our repository were either created or collected by the library over a time period spanning from today, back to well before the existence of the library at its current location at 41 Park Street. Our goal is to make these materials as accessible as possible for you to interact with the history of Tupper Lake up close and personally.

What is an archive?

An archive is a building, or a collection of materials, that contain first-hand facts, data, and evidence from a variety of primary sources including letters, reports, notes, memos, photographs, and other materials. In other words, archival materials document the history and functions of a place, person, or institution. Unlike an ordinary library collection, archives usually consist of unpublished materials and are not circulated out to researchers. If you would like to view our materials, you will need to visit the library. Start digging in by clicking on Our Collections above.

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