Munchkin Mornings: Virtual Saturdays craft preview

Join us every Saturday at 10am for our online story time, sing-a-long, and craft extravaganza!

The crafts for this week are Ocean in a Bottle and Celery-stamped Fish.

To join in you’ll need the following supplies:
Empty Bottle such as water bottles
Mineral Oil – enough to half-fill bottle
Rubbing Alcohol – enough to half-fill bottle
Liquid Food Coloring – Blue
Glitter (if desired)
Small shells or sea creatures that will fit into neck of bottle
Hot glue gun or other permanent glue
White Card stock or white construction paper
Crayons or markers
Paint such as Tempera or Acrylic
Celery Stalk
Sharp knife
Paper plate

If any supplies or a kit are needed please contact the library and we’ll help you out!

Come join us!

Ocean in a bottle!

Celery stamp fish!

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